Managing The Nigerian Landlord – Tenant Palaver

It has become expected that landlords and tenants will spar occasionally. There is typically a tense relationship between them owing to a deep mistrust but it should not happen. The relationship between a landlord and his tenant ought to be cordial. Tenants tend to see landlords as insensitive and selfish. They typically see them as […]

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Learning From Incessant Building Collapses In Nigeria

On Wednesday, the 13th of March, 2019 a three-storey building collapsed at Ita Faji on Lagos Island, Lagos State. The building served both residential and commercial purposes. Unlike the many cases of building collapses experienced in Nigeria in the past, this case was particularly devastating as some of the victims were students of a primary […]

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Tackling Unprofessionalism In Real Estate Agency

Housing is a major need in every society. In particular, fast-developing communities have a very high demand for housing owing to the large influx of people in search of the economic opportunities that tend to abound in developing regions. The resulting high housing demand creates opportunities for income for people in the profession of estate […]

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