Investing In Real Estates in Africa

Investing in Real Estate is not a new idea, but it may be an increasingly popular one. In this article, you will learn about the best African countries to invest in real estate. The most attractive African markets for investment are those with a good economic growth and stable political environment, ones that have witnessed […]

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Putting it all together, 2020 in retrospect.

Putting in all together, 2020 in retrospect.    Hey, this is last day of the year and we’re excited over here. It’s been a very long year, for all of us, punctuated by a lot of hardwork, forced rest and struggles in between.  This year saw a lot of radical changes, we all tapped into […]

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Demystifying Leverage for Real Estate Investors

Everybody I know loves LEVERAGE when it comes to real estate.It’s a beautiful and scary tool, kicking appreciation, depreciation, and cashflow into overdrive.It amplifies everything. You can make a lot of money really fast and go broke in months.Here’s how it works Let’s say you’re buying a $1MM asset at a 7 cap. Meaning it […]

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